English Assignment for March 23rd-30th - pro nejpokročilejší skupinu


Dear Students,
I hope by now you are in some kind of a routine and that everything is going well. Last week you got some worksheets that I copied for you at school. Those should be finished. This week we will revise the Past Simple Tense. Attached you will find some worksheets that you should fill in (choose BLUE as the font color to write in MR) and send back to me before March 28th.HOMEWORK

  1. Fill in a story with the past tense of verbs.
  2. Fill in the past tense of verbs about William Shakespeare
  3. Write a letter to a friend - 120 words
  4. Fill in grammar exercises.
  5. Read the story https://www.helpforenglish.cz/article/2006062102-oscar-wilde-the-selfish-giant

 I will call you individually on Monday to see if you need help with anything.
Thank you, Ann 

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